House management is administrative and technical set of actions, the purpose of which is, firstly, to maintain, secondly – to improve its situation, to house the continued use of their properties.

Appartament owners’ the Community shall be the regulatory authority of the house and the highest authority, who shall have the right and the obligation to manage about own property.

The present agreement on management no longer meet current national legislation, therefore becoming a handicap appartament owners’ Community interest. In such cases, the manager, management company is privileged situation. Manager needed in the performance of its own management functions can focus on profits, provided that the community are unable to reach a decision.

To avoid situations where appartament property owner becomes onerous impact on the current manager, management business, is the person of the Union – should be consolidated as a voluntary society which established to achieve the objectives laid down in the statutes and it does not have a revenue nature.

In a society „ Republikas laukums 3” organised in residential property owners, who cares about the ultimate fate. The aim is, in the light of the interests of the community, properly manage the owner and the management of the house.

Only appartament property owner is entitled to become members of society, so that a real right to affect the home management processes and take an active part in the governance of their homes as a landlord.

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